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Prescriptive analytics

Use the insights gained from predictive analysis to strategically guide your future actions. Implement actionable steps grounded in data to effectively reach and surpass your organizational goals. Empower your decision-making with a forward-looking approach, enhance your ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.
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Go full circle with prescriptive analytics

The foundation of effective data analytics begins with extracting valuable insights from your data. Utilizing data reports and KPI dashboards, we facilitate better decision-making based on comprehensive data analysis. As a result, you now have a cohesive dataset which can be used for predictive analytics and data-driven decision making.
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Why prescriptive analytics?

Predictive analytics entails foreseeing future trends and behaviors, laying the groundwork for subsequent actions. Prescriptive analytics takes this a step further, offering actionable steps to attain organizational goals. It not only anticipates outcomes but also guides strategic decision-making, providing a roadmap for effective and goal-oriented initiatives.
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Machine learnig algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are the driving force behind prescriptive analytics, swiftly analyzing extensive datasets to predict outcomes and propose actionable steps. Their speed and precision make them invaluable in translating data into strategic recommendations. However, human judgment remains critical for contextualizing and aligning these recommendations with organizational goals and values.
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The steps

Making your application
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Data Collection and preparation

The initial step involves gathering your data, whether for a basic analysis or testing extensive hypotheses. This process, often complex and time-consuming, is crucial for subsequent insights. We offer assistance in this task, handling it entirely if needed. Choosing relevant data points is essential, and we provide recommendations on what data to collect, how to collect it, where to store data points, and which data holds promising results for your company. Having the right data is key to maximizing the value of your analysis.

Insights in data

Once data is collected, it becomes a valuable tool for addressing various questions, ranging from simple inquiries like identifying the best-selling product or determining the required stock for the upcoming week, to more complex hypotheses such as optimizing profit through visitor numbers. The findings are compiled into a report that provides answers to your specific questions. Initial insights are often derived through basic statistical summaries of the data, allowing for straightforward answers to simpler queries. As the available data deepens, more intricate questions can be addressed. Ultimately, the goal extends beyond gaining insights to finding solutions for future endeavors.

Data driven Appllication

We integrate the acquired insights into your app, crafting data-driven applications to enhance the delivered quality. This could involve Predictive Analytics, like implementing a recommendation system to anticipate your customer's preferences. The scope can be broadened to forecast the optimal next action, guiding your customer towards a purchase.
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