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Data-driven decisions: KPI dashboard

A KPI dashboard captures your most important data in one visual overview. How this helps improving your business performance? For starters, it's a great way of improving your management of strategic goals and detect possible issues early. Data Digital can help you get on top of your dashboard-game. Want to know how? We're only a click away.
KPI dashboard
The importance of data visualization

Data dashboard: easily understand your data

Data dashboards are key in simplifying complex data. Modern dashboards enable you to combine real-time data from different sources and provide you with AI-assisted data preparation, the creation of charts and even analysis.

Not sure how to transform your digital data into a dashboard? That's where we step in. We can tailor your KPI dashboard to your specific business needs and have it aligned with your unique goals and objectives. Understanding digital data can be hard, but we make it easy.
KPI dashboard data dashboard

Business insights for BabyManager

KPI dashboard BabyManager dashboard

Data insights

We built an app for BabyManager and made sure they could have insight in their data. Now, they can monitor their KPI's on their own.

Built a pipline

Data is collected in realtime and stored in a data warehouse. This ensures maximum flexibility.

Three dashboards

Data can be monitored in three dashboards: Analytics, Management Info and Finance. All dashboards have automated updates.

Improving business

BabyManager can now leverage their valuable insights to improve services and customer satisfaction.
Data science consultancy

Why choose Data Digital?

Data Digital is part of The Digital Club. Our roots are in mobile and web application development. Therefore, we know exactly how applications work and how to implement data analytics. Our mission? Realizing digital dreams.

In-house team

We work with 40+ employees from our office in Utrecht. No outsourcing. That's how we always ensure there's an expert working on your project.

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Agile developoment

We work in two-week sprints and retrospectives. This way, we process your feedback and deliver the desired results within the agreed time.

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10+ years experience

We have 10+ years of experience in combining data analytics with app development. We'll help you visualize your data with ease.

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KPI dashboard data strategy day

Data Strategy Day

On Data Strategy Day, you collaborate closely with our experts to craft a clear data strategy, which will serve as the foundational framework for your organization's data-driven endeavors. Together, we will make a for implementing this strategy.

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Data Check

We assess your data to determine its potential in driving your objectives. In the advanced analysis, we look for valuable insights and patterns, and identify areas where optimization is possible. Additionally, we offer support in structuring and organizing your collected data when needed.

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KPI dashboard data check
KPI dashboard reporting


We provide a detailed data report on a regular basis, offering insights complemented by personalized expert recommendations. Our reports go beyond raw data presentation, as they transform the information into actionable insights that align with your specific goals and objectives.

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Data Sprints

Through biweekly sprints, we collaboratively look for ways to advance your goals. Each sprint is a well-defined and time-bound undertaking. This agile methodology guarantees that your objectives always take center stage in our work.

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KPI dashboard data sprints
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