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Data Warehousing: Transforming data into assets

Enter the world of data warehousing, where information is not just stored, but transformed into strategic assets. Tap into 10+ years of expertise and make data work for you.
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Data warehouse vs. data lakehouse

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is an optimised hub for storing and analysing structured data, crucial for complex analysis and reporting. Unlike a lakehouse, which contains both structured and unstructured data, a data warehouse only stores structured information. It provides insights from various sources, supports decision-making and ensures reliability. Ready to transform your data?
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what is a data warehouse

The benefits of data warehousing

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Centralized data storage

Data warehousing gathers data from various sources into one location, making it convenient for users to retrieve information.

Quality and consistency

Data in a warehouse undergoes cleaning and standardization, ensuring accuracy and uniformity.

Business intelligence

With comprehensive data available, organizations can perform advanced analytics, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions to drive business growth.

Operational efficiency

Having all relevant data in one place streamlines processes, reduces time spent searching for information, and enhances productivity across the organization.
Our way of working

We structure your data warehouse

Our solutions provide an optimized environment for managing, storing and analyzing valuable data. This allows you to merge complex data sources and unlock insights that strengthen your business strategies.

On the data warehouse, we can create analysis by linking visualization tools, such as Power BI. We also tailor your data warehouse to your organization. For this, we use RDS, BigQuery or Microsoft Fabric, for example. Discover how our customized data warehousing solutions make your organization future-proof.
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Data warehousing expert

Why choose Data Digital?

As part of The Digital Club, our roots are in mobile and web app development. We know exactly how applications work and thus how to implement data analytics. Our mission? Realizing digital dreams.

In-house team

Together with 40+ club members, we create solutions from our office in Utrecht. No outsourcing, so there is always an expert on your project.

Meet the team

Agile process

We work in two-week sprints followed by retrospectives. This Scrum agile process enables us to incorporate your feedback and deliver the desired results in time.

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Data expert

With over a decade of expertise in combining data analytics with app development, we are able to structure and visualize your data with ease.

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