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We are Data Digital, a data science consultancy based in Utrecht. We specialize in improving business performance using data driven apps, AI data analysis and business intelligence. Data science is a difficult topic, but not to worry - we’re here to help. We have over 10+ years of experience working with clients such as BabyManager, Roompot and in-lite.

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Digital data: make future predictions

Your digital data is not just a collection of past events; it’s a valuable asset that can predict future trends and outcomes. Predictive analytics can not only be used to mitigate risks early on, but also identify cost-saving opportunities, trends and much more. We know what you're thinking: where can I learn more? Well, we're happy to get you started with your data-driven decisions!
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Data insights for BabyManager

Data science consultancy BabyManager

Data insights

After building an app for BabyManager, we made sure they had insights in their data and could monitor their KPI's on their own.

Built a pipline

All data is collected in realtime and stored in a data warehouse to provide maximum flexibility.

Three dashboards

This translated into three dashboards: Analytics, Management Info and Finance. All dashboards have automated updates.

Improving business

BabyManager uses their data insights to improve their services and customer satisfaction.
Data science consultancy

Why choose Data Digital?

Data Digital is clubmember of The Digital Club. We started out in application development for mobile and web. Over time, we've gotten a deep understanding of the workings apps and implementing data analytics. Our mission? Realizing digital dreams.

In-house team

We work from our office in Utrecht and have a dedicated team of 40+ professionals. We do not engage in outsourcing and can ensure your project is handled by our in-house experts.

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Agile developoment

We have a structured approach of working in two-week sprints and conducting retrospectives. This allows us to incorporate your feedback and deliver consistent work.

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10+ years experience

With over a decade of expertise in merging data analytics with app development, we are ready to assist you in incorporating data management into your organization.

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Data science consultancy data strategy day

Data Strategy Day

During the Data Strategy Day, you sit together with our experts to create a full data strategy. This will serve as the backbone of your organization’s data driven initiatives. We’ll outline the main goals and set a clear roadmap for utilizing the plan.

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Data Check

We check your data to see how it can help achieve your goals. We will employ an analysis to uncover valuable insights and patterns and search for potential areas for optimization. If necessary, we will also support you in organizing your collected data.

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Data science consultancy data check
Data science consultancy reporting


On a scheduled basis, we deliver a comprehensive data report that contains insights accompanied by custom expert advice. These reports are not just about presenting raw data, but also translate it into actionable recommendations that align with your goals and objectives.

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Data Sprints

In sprints of two weeks, we work collaboratively towards your goals. Each sprint is a structured and time-bound effort. This agile approach ensures that your objectives remain central in our efforts.

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