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Predictive analytics

Data from the past has valuable information to predict the future. By making use of predictive analytics, you'll be able to make data-based decisions that will better your organization. Not sure how? We'll help you get started.
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But first, let's get your data ready

In the dynamic world of data science, think of a clean dataset as the launchpad for predictive analytics. At our data science consultancy, we specialize in transforming data chaos into clarity during the descriptive analysis phase. With our expertise, your organization can seamlessly transition to the realm of predictive modeling. Elevate your data game and partner with us to turn insights into innovation!
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Automatic predictions

AI algorithms

AI-powered predictive analytics uses advanced algorithms to analyze large datasets, identify patterns, and make accurate predictions. These AI algorithms excel at finding complex relationships and hidden insights. As they learn from new data, they become more accurate and adaptable over time, streamlining operations and helping you stay ahead in a data-driven landscape.
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Our process

Start creating your data application

Creating a data applications starts with creating a data strategy. During a Data Strategy Day you sit together with our experts to explore the possibilities. To make sure your data supports the data strategy a DataCheck comes in. We run through your data and advise on what is possible, how it can be used and what is missing.

Data Strategy Day

At the Data Strategy Day, you collaborate with our experts to develop a comprehensive data strategy, serving as the foundation for your organization's data-driven initiatives. We'll define key objectives and establish a detailed roadmap to guide the implementation of the strategy.

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We examine your data to align it with your goals. Through analysis, we uncover valuable insights, patterns, and areas for potential optimization. If needed, we also assist in organizing your collected data.

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Use case

Time series analysis

JustStock helps online retailers to manage their stock levels. We've build a seasonal time series analysis model to predict future stock levels and advise on went to restock.
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