Prescription algorithms

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With prescription analytics you can use data as your guide. We build algorithms that not only show where you're going but also help you steer into a better direction.
The Digital Club

Implementing analytics in your application

By implementing analytics directly into your applications perfomance can be analyzed and improved in realtime.

As a member of The Digital Club we have 10+ years of experience in combining data analytics with app development.

Our roots are in mobile and web application development. Therefore we now exactly how applications work and how to implement data analytics.
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The steps

Making your application
data driven


Data Collection and preparation

The first step in the process is to collect your data. Whether you do a simple analysis or test extensive hypotheses. Collecting data and ensuring that it is in a useful form is often a complicated and very time-consuming task.We can help you with this task or take it completely out of your hands.Of course it is important that the data is collected. We can help you choose which data points are interesting to collect. This means that we make recommendations about what data can be collected, how and where data points can be stored and which data contains promising results for your company.You get the most out of an analysis if you have the right data.

Insights in data

When data is collected, this data can be used to answer certain questions. A simple question such as which product is sold the most or how much stock is needed for the coming week. To more complicated hypotheses, such as how many visits are needed for the optimal profit.This can all be summarized in a report that gives you an answer to the questions you have. This always starts with simple statistics such as summarizing the data, after which the simple questions can often be answered. Depending on the available data, the more difficult questions can eventually be answered.Finally, it is not only about insight, but also about finding a solution for your future.

Data driven Appllication

We embed the insights into your app to create a data-driven applications. In this way the quality delivered can be improved. This may be Predictive Analytics, such as a recommendation system to predict what your customer wants. This can be further expanded, such as predicting the best next action to turn your customer into buying.
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