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Data from the past has valuable information to predict the future. We help organizations make better decisions with prediction algorithms
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Creating a data applications starts with creating a data strategy. During a Data Strategy Day you sit together with our experts to explore the possibilities. To make sure your data supports the data strategy a DataCheck comes in. We run through your data and advise on what is possible, how it can be used and what is missing.

Data Strategy Day

During the Data Strategy Day, you sit together with our experts to create a full data strategy. This will serve as the backbone of your organization’s data driven initiatives. We’ll outline the main goals and set a clear roadmap for utilizing the plan.

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We check your data to see how it can help achieve your goals. We will employ an analysis to uncover valuable insights and patterns and search for potential areas for optimization. If necessary, we will also support you in organizing your collected data.

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Use case

Time series analysis

JustStock helps online retailers to manage their stock levels. We've build a seasonal time series analysis model to predict future stock levels and advise on went to restock.
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